Personal injuries caused by auto accidents have been at the forefront of our practice ever since it was established back in 1989.We have helped thousands of clients during the difficult times that follow an automobile accident. We help our clients with all the legal process sothat they can concentrate on getting on with their lives. We will:

Our service consists of:

  • Order police reports and medical records, if and when available.
  • We will get your automobile repaired or paid for, if a total loss.
  • Refer you to qualified medical providers for evaluation and treatment
  • Perform an in-depth investigation of the accident, vehicles and scene o Interview and/or depose witnesses to the accident 

If we do not recover money for you, you absolutely will NOT owe us ANY FEE!

  • Prepare demand package that will be sent to insurance/defendant for settlement
  • File Lawsuit and prepare for trial if an amicable settlement is not possible
  • Hire experts and prepare witnesses for trial
  • Take depositions of defendants and/or witnesses
  • We will advance litigation costs, so you are not out of pocket during litigation.
  • If we do not recover any money for you, you will owe us absolutely NO ATTORNEY FEES!

We will fight for you to get the maximum benefits due to you by law!

I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. The Sariol Law Office demonstrated detailed knowledge of the traffic laws when they applied to my situation and quickly continued to obtain information from me and the other party's insurance company. I would recommend Sariol Legal Office to any of my cycling friends.
Last year I was hit by a motor vehicle while riding my bike home from work. I was financially and physically devastated, I did not know what to do, I had never gone through any legal proceedings before, I consulted a main lawyer and after 3 months of treatment, the lawyer abandoned my case, I was ready to resign, but a great friend of mine. He referred me to Sariol, he made my legal process so comforting and smooth, that they went out of their way for me and my family. Thanks to the Sariol legal team for helping me get my life back.
After being hit on Highway 55 in the direction of Newport Beach in Orange County, I hired the Sariol Legal Center and received full payment for my vehicle, and after visiting a chiropractor, I solved my case for a considerable amount. The personal injury department is great and they are available after hours, I was able to get in touch with them via text message and my experience was great

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