Awesome Experience with Attorney Sariol

After being rear ended on the 55 freeway heading towards Newport Beach in Orange County, I hired Sariol Legal Center and received full payment for my vehicle and after visiting a chiropractic, i settled my case for a substantial amount. The personal injury department is great and they are available after hours, i was able to get in contact with them through text and my experience was great, thank you Sandra, Itzel and Andrea and most of all, thank you Gven Sariol.

 – Javier, a Personal Injury Client

Mr. Sariol took my case when it looked hopeless

He reached an amicable settlement with the defense attorney when at first they did not want to settle at all. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone. He has a professional manner and is easy to talk to. Most of all he gets the job done!

 – Glenn, a Workers Compensation client

Greatly satisfied!

Im Roger, and i was helped by Frank Sariol and his staff. They always kept me informed, looked out for my interests. Always had time for me. They did a great job settling my case. They work for you and do their best to get you taken care off. Thanks to their office and legal team!

 – Roger, a Brain Injury client

Great Attorney

Frank is an excellent attorney. He himself has given me countless hours of his time to help through my difficult situation. His staff is always kind and attentive to me. I would highly recommend Mr. Sariol to anyone who is in need of legal representation regarding a workers’ compensation case or a personal injury case.

– Rolando, a Contracts client

Excellent Client Service!

Was involved in an automobile accident and Mr. Sariol’s and his staff helped me all along the way. At the end of my case I was VERY SATISFIED with my results.

 – Juan, a Personal Injury client

Gven is did a great job

Really helpful and were always there when you need them.

– Luis Avina, A Personal Injury Client

Frank does a great job

I have known Frank for a number of years and have had a few mutual clients with him; I have always heard from those clients that Frank does a great job for them, he is responsive to their needs, he calls them back quickly after a message and they are generally very happy with his services.

– Bob

Very Honest and Knowledgeable

After a debilitating car accident caused by an uninsured motorist and receiving no help from our insurance company, my wife and I decided to take our claim to Mr. Sariol. He was helpful and understanding and answered all of our questions every step of the way. He was able to get us the settlement amount we were seeking in a very short amount of time. I would highly recommend using Sariol Legal Center if you are seeking an attorney.

– Car Accident Client

Willing To Help

I didn’t know who to turn to for my Worker’s Compensation case. Frank took me under his wing and has helped me ever.

– Glenn, a Workers Compensation client

The States most ethical attorney

During the time that Frank Sariol was my attorney I was pleased and satisfied with the genuine care for my case. Frank has been an attorney for many years with excellent work ethics. He is punctual and very thorough when explaining the choices that I had throughout my case. In addition to being thorough, he was adamant about my understanding about the legal side of the case. He explained the case and the laws in a way that I could understand. As a 26 years old freshman college student at the time, it was difficult to follow the case without guidance and knowledge. With Frank’s professionalism and knowledge I was able to understand and be aware of my case. Mr. Sariol has excellent work ethics, proficient knowledge of the law and deserves to be acknowledged for the progress he has made as an attorney for the state of California as an admirable attorney for the community and the vast majority of the Hispanic.

– Carla, a Workers Compensation client

Experience Counts

Frank is very knowledgeable, caring and prompt in his responses. His staff is gracious and patient. They are trustworthy. I would continue referring clients to his office.

– Ricardo