Case Results

Result: $2,500,000
Construction Accident

This was a construction accident where our client was crushed by an earthmover while at work causing him major injuries. Due to the faulty lever in the earthmover, we fought for our client to recover the above mentioned amount in addition to getting all his medical bills paid for.

Result: $1,300,000
Premises Liability

In this premise liability case, our client was negligently shot in the head by defendant during a party hosted by defendant. Our client survived and our firm fought to get him the best compensation for his near death incident. After settling with defendant, our merits proved successful that we also collected a substantial amount of money from the property owner. This total amount was then put in a structured settlement for our client.

Result: $564,000
Auto v. Pedestrian

This was an automobile accident where our client was hit while standing outside of her vehicle when a drunk driver hit another vehicle forcing it to strike our client and putting her in a coma for 3 days. The defendant’s insurance company failed to respond to our policy limits demand in the time frame allotted, and our firm was able to successfully get $225,000 over the policy limit of $200,000 bringing the total to ____$564,000_____. *Due to the non-disclosure confidentiality agreement, we must keep our client and the defendant’s names confidential as a confidential settlement.

Result: $260,000
Auto v. Auto

This was an automobile accident where our client was rear-ended by the defendant and as a result severely injured her neck. Our client did not retain us until almost two years after the accident occurred and after being offered $10,000 to settle the case. We fought to get our client the surgery she needed as recommended by her doctor disregarding the insurance carriers neglect for her well-being and recuperation. Days before trail we settled with the defense with full benefits for our client.

Result: $400,000
Auto v. Auto

This was an automobile case where our client was rear-ended while waiting at a red light. Our client suffered serious injuries and to recuperate needed a knee replacement. The defendant carried an insurance policy limit of $300,000 and although it was offered early on in the case, strategically by investigating the defendant, our firm found out that the defendant had assets in excess of his policy limits, enough to pay for our client’s damages. Our firm successfully acquired our client $100,000 more above the policy limits, totaling a $400,000 outcome.

Result: $250,000
Uninsured Motorist Claim

This case was an uninsured motorist case where our client was rear-ended by the defendant, an uninsured motorist at the time of the accident. At the time of the accident, our client had an internally installed stomach stimulus machine, which helped her digest food by sending electrical pulses through her intestines. With the force of the rear end hit, the internal leads that were connected to her intestines where knocked off, causing our client severe shocks throughout her entire body. This caused our client double harm, internal bodily injury that she had to be hospitalized and urgently needed a stomach stimulus replacement. Our client tried handling the case on her own and the insurance company failed to help her or pay for anything. One year after the occurrence our client retained our firm and within two months of retaining our firm we settled her claim for the policy limits of $250,000.

Result: $105,000
Auto v. Auto

This was an automobile accident case where our client was driving through an intersection on a protected green light and the defendant t-boned our client’s vehicle, causing her to be extracted from her vehicle. Using the jaws of life, our client lived, but suffered multiple fractures and was hospitalized for over a month. Our firm was able to successfully negotiate the insurance company to pay the policy limits of the defendants plus a $5,000 cash bonus put in by the defendant.

Construction Accident

This was a construction accident where our client was on a scaffold that was constructed by defendants and collapsed causing our clients fall five stories from the ground. Our client suffered multiple fractures and multiple herniated discs in his spine. Our firm attempted to mediate this case and the defendants offered $600,000 for full and final settlement. Based on our recommendation our client did not accept and this case went to trial. The verdict was $1.4 million dollars in our favor plus a recovery from the workers compensation provider in the amount of $125,000 totaling a final amount of $1,525,000.

Result: $1,575,000
Workers’ Compensation Accident

While unloading heavy machinery off a truck, our client, a machine loader, slipped and fell causing the machinery to fall on his body immediately injuring his lower extremities, back and legs. As a result of this accident our client was left a paraplegic and from then on in a wheel chair. Our firm fought for our client and not only did we get all of his medical bills paid for, we had necessary modifications done to his house to accommodate his injury plus a guarantee for all his future medical treatment. With peace of mind, we also fought to guarantee him income until the day that he dies.