USC Plays the Game of the Year and Stuns Stanford

Notre Dame v USC

On Saturday night (11/16/13) USC played No.4 ranked Stanford in football and pulled a huge upset in football. A 20-17 victory enjoyed by all the fans.

– They were not given a chance by majority of experts in the game. Stanford had won the last four yearly contests.

– USC needed a marquee win to offset a horrendous start in the season that included the eventual firing of their head coach, Lane Kiffin. A victory would ease some of the adversity they have encountered

– Odds makers had them between 4-6 point underdogs.

– USC and Stanford fought like warriors throughout the game.

– USC got out an early start and held to a 17-10 lead at half-time.

– However, Stanford came back in the third quarter and scored to make it 17-17 tie game.

– In the fourth quarter they pounded each other on defense.

– It was not until the final 1½ minutes before the end of the game that a defensive play through an interception that gave USC the ball back.

– Masterfully, USC moved closer to the Stanford end zone but was stopped and had a decision to make. Kick a field goal or punt the ball.

– USC chose to go for the field goal allowed their kicker, Andre Heidari, to attempt a 47 yarder.

– Heidari drove it down the middle if the goal posts and USC sealed the victory.

– USC won the game through shear passion, perseverance, united and staying focused with the game plan. They gave it all they had. They left it on the field.

– The LA Coliseum had a sellout crowd with over 93,000 fans. At the end of the game, it appeared as if all of them were on the field enjoying the festive celebration atmosphere like never seen before. Even Traveler, USC’s Trojan horse mascot was jubilant in triumph

Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant


The Los Angeles Lakers have been successful for decades in the professional basketball. They are what all professional sports team try to emulate.

– They attract the best talent in their respective professional sport.

– Their branding is a world-wide product.

– Basketball legends are affiliated with the team: West. Baylor . Kareem. Chamberlain, Magic and now Kobe

– The greats of yesterday know how to leave the game when it is time. Gracefully.

– Kobe Bryant has brought Los Angeles and the world memories for years to come.

– Kobe is expected to return this year sometime after undergoing surgery.

– Time will only tell if he is even close to resembling the “old” Kobe.

–  In all honesty, no one knows better when it is time to retire than Kobe himself.

– Winners have a tough time when it comes to the decision of retiring in their life.

Regardless, Kobe, no matter what you do hold your head up high. You are a winner and so are the Lakers.

Photo courtesy of (fourwallsonly)

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